I am offering three workshops for me. These are for anyone working in oils or acrylics and will be based in my studio at Vernon Mill. 


The first one is designed to get you loosened up and painting big! This is on 17th May for one day.

We will be using large brushes or knives and, after sketching our chosen image bigger than normal, will produce a finished work painted large. What freedom! £50 including a large canvas to take home.


The second is my two day landscape course - this will get you out sketching for a bit in the landscape - less daunting when you have some company. I will give you some guidance as to what will make a fantastic painting. Then back to the studio to paint.

This happens on 21st and 22nd June ( Wed/Thurs). Cost £90.


Then at the end of September, Thursday 26th September I am inviting people in for a day of knife painting. Come and try it - its fun. £40.ART CLASSES  

New Year, New Resolutions - mine is to get much more internet savvy - but there is so much to learn and to do!

I am revamping this website to place items actually into the on-line shop. This is being done gradually. If you want to buy something that is not in the shop it does not mean it is not for sale - unless it says sold of course! It is just that it is taking me a while to revamp while continuing to paint. 

My paintings are also being featured in some other online galleries - like Artfinder and Artonline ( Rippingham Art). There is no price differential between what is shown here and those galleries. These are just other outlets.

I am  also going to blog more often on here to let people know what I am up to. 

Currently I am ( as is often the case for me!) moving in two different directions. I do like to have a series of paintings 'on the go' but also another series as a change from the first series! So I am painting a series which is really inspired by different views of my local city, Manchester, together with a general theme of Reflections. This works fine for Manchester as there is so much rain that the streets are often reflecting all sorts of colours - Manchester is far from grey!

The painting shown is one of my reflections series - a painting called Brollies. Available for £300 via my online shop, or contact me directly.

I am also working on a series of sea paintings, largely inspired by trips to Ainsdale Sands, near Southport. It is great to get out and do some 'plein air'. Even if your easel does get blown down and your paintings and other worldly goods to go skittering over the sands - this happened to me a couple of Mondays ago! It does mean that I have some small 'on the spot' studies, with all the great colour that comes from painting without photos - so now these are being worked up in the studio.

Some of the reflections series of paintings are now featured in my on-line shop. 




..... and here is a photo of the new studio - it will look fabulous once I have moved in!

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07.04 | 22:51

Can't tell you how much a adore my 'Early Evening, Ainsdale Sands' painting Sarah; it has pride of place in our lounge and completely draws me in. Love it!

15.02 | 23:01

Love the landscape scenes. Wish I had patience to try painting.

25.01 | 22:03

Hi Gavin, so glad you like it. See http://inspiringartwalkswithsarahmorley.blogspot.co.uk/ leave yr details by mail for new open studios/shows direct from me.

25.01 | 20:52

Good Evening Sarah we love this painting,Above Hayfield, we bought it its on the wall near me.